Leo Postovoit is a professional stuff maker and problem solver. As a day job, he works as a WordPress consultant for enterprise websites and tools for XWP, a WordPress VIP partner agency and open source contributor.

An open source advocate, designer-developer and coffee geek, Leo’s work has appeared in publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Denver Post, and Lowrider Magazine. Beyond journalism, he’s worked in marketing, education and the film industry (and even spent a few years as an American Sign Language interpreter.)

He is also an organizer for the Long Beach/Los Angeles WordPress Meetup and local WordCamps and a contributor to WordPress Core’s Accessibility team. In the 11 years of his career he has used WordPress at every step of the process. An alum of several Hackathons and the Dow Jones News Fund digital news internship, he advocates for free education about open source software.

He also double majored in Journalism and Anthropology at San Jose State University.